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To E-Read or not to E-read?

To E-Read or not to E-read?


Some like the smell of the paper, the feel of the pages of the book in their hands, the sound of a page turning.

I agree with them. I do love a book. I have shelves full of them at home and boxes more of them waiting to be shelved.

Some like the convenience of an e-reader. Thousands of books at the touch of a button. They like the way it looks, its lightness and compactness. Whether they are a Kindle, Sony, iPad or other tablet.

I agree with them.

In truth, I am still in two minds. I do have an e-reader, and I do use it – a lot. But as yet, I still am not ready to abandon books entirely. And I could debate with myself for hours between e-readers versus books. So I have taken the easy road and utilise both.


I do a lot of my reading on the train when I’m working or for other commitments, and here’s where an e-reader comes in handy. I never leave the house without a book, and the e-reader is light and compact so it doesn’t weigh down my bag and it isn’t too heavy to carry.

But curled but on the sofa, under a duvet on a cold day, with a mug of tea by my side, it only feels right to read from a book.


That said…..

I do believe that my mind is changing…..And I feel that my reading in the future will be done using an e-reader. For me, an e-reader, at this time, outweighs reading from a book.

I do not know if e-readers are the future, in as much as, books will begin to disappear and be replaced entirely by e-readers. No matter how much I may love my e-reader, I do hope they will not replace books entirely. And I think that we still need, and will need in the future, to hold on to the ‘traditional’ book format, to refrain from becoming too dependent upon technology, which let’s face it,  can let us down.

Many cannot think about reading anything other than a physical book, and many who have e-readers now cannot think about going back to books. I am a bit of both, leaning more towards the e-reader, with the hope that books continue.


What do you think?


One comment on “To E-Read or not to E-read?

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