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The Bones of Avalon by Phil Rickman

“I believe the mind is a powerful tool which can unlock doors into the unknown. And thus awaken energies which can be directed, to cause both benefit and… and harm.”

The Bones of Avalon by Phil Rickman

An intriguing, well researched book.

The Queen’s ‘sorcerer’, her astrology, Dr John Dee is sent on a special mission. Accompanied by Sir Robert Dudley, a favourite of the Queen’s, and believed to be her lover, Dr Dee travels to Glastonbury to unravel the mysteries of the lost bones of King Arthur.

The Queen is in London, obsessed with finding the bones which will reassure all her critics that she is entitled to the throne. Amidst the backdrop of the French plots to restore Mary Queen of Scots to the English throne, and restore England to Catholicism, Queen Elizabeth I needs to prove her rightful claim to the English throne.

Dr Dee and Sir Dudley travel to Glastonbury to save the Queen. But what they find there is not just a simple case of a search for Arthur. They soon become wrapped up in a much greater political intrigue where the past shadows and the memories of those long ago dead hold the key to the present mysteries that Dr Dee faces.

I will not give too much away as the mystery and the intrigue which plays out right till the end, is the key part of this book. I will have to read this again in case I missed any points and be able to try to guess at which point the characters discover the truth.

It is well written and a different sort of mystery to the thriller novels that usually line the shelves. Rickman has a fluid writing style and throws in some excellently written one liners that are evident throughout the book, that make one lift one’s eyebrows in pleasant surprise of his linguistic capabilities.

The story has enough twists and turns to keep you guessing right until the end and often leave you confused and intrigued about what you are going to find out next. Rickman writes with a seemingly natural style of complexity, of which I am truly envious. I would like to know his secret.


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