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Writer’s I Admire

Amitav Ghosh

One of the most widely known Indians writing in English today. His work has deservedly won several prizes and includes

The Ibis Trilogy:

Sea of Poppies and River of Smoke

I am currently waiting for, with much excitement, the third and final instalment.

Other works include,

The Circle of Reason

The Shadow Lines and

The Glass Palace

among others.

All the work that I have read of his so far have been exceptional. Not only for my interest in the subject area (some of my own work in set in similar time periods and places), but for his skill in story-telling.


Rohinton Mistry

He is the author of three novels, two of which were short-listed for the Booker Prize, one of which was the wonderful

A Fine Balance,

which was expertly written with just the right amount of gritty realism which often escapes many people’s work. It was this realism, that not every story finishes happily ever after, that I found refreshing.

George Orwell

A truly exceptional writer, whose political (or rather anti-establishment) novels, light-years ahead of their time, are becoming worryingly familiar. No need to explain myself further. Most famous for 1984 and Animal Farm.

And for something completely different….

Terry Pratchett

Famous for his discworld series, which is hilarious and craftily written. Here I do truly envy his imagination, and would like to live in it for a while….!

He has recently realised book 39 of the remarkable discworld series!


Of course there are many, many writers who I admire (in fact I probably admire or envy them all, for they have all managed to tackle the world of publishing and come out the other side), and I have selected but a few. When I discover a new author (either new to the world or just to me) I’ll put them down on here, and turn it into a sort of ‘hall of fame’ section.

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