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How to….

Get into the habit of blogging,

I’m just getting into the habit – you can have lots of things to say – but what you lack is the habit – I know I’ve been there – I’m still there. Blogging is a great way to capture people’s attention on the Internet. But blogging regularly is the key.

This is the advice that I’ve given to myself,

1. Set aside some time a couple of times a week. This could be the first thing you do when you turn on your computer, during your lunch break, or last thing at night…and…

a). check your blog for any action from other people

b). update your blog – this could be tidying something/a page up, it could be adding a photo, or something of interest to your blog readers, for example, adding to a ‘to read’ list,

c). and of course, post a new blog or content onto your own blog, this could be a few lines to a few paragraphs or even a few pages.

2. Look at similar blogs, read them, post comments on them, blog about them and hopefully they’ll blog about you in return.

3. Keep a notepad with you at all times, wherever you go, and make any notes on blog ideas, this could even just be one word reminders, or failing a notepad, get out your phone! Write down any and all ideas, even if when you come back to them later you’ll feel that they’re silly and you’ll never use them. This too will help you get into the habit. With the habit of making notes and thinking about what to blog, the actual blogging should follow naturally.

4). Check out this list on ideas of what to blog, for if you are ever stuck about what to blog, here’s an excellent list from John Kremer, author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books.


This list is tailored to writers but you may be able to tailor it to whatever your blog is about.

5). Just blog. Whenever you have a spare ten minutes, on the train, waiting for the train, waiting for your dinner to cook… Don’t make any more excuses, just blog!

6). Blogging will attract more people to your website and help to promote you and your product(s) – or at least that’s what they tell me!

So join me in my quest to get used to blogging, and actually doing it more often.

When do you blog? Do you have a blogging routine?

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