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Pulitzer Prize Board’s Failure: No Fiction Winner This Year!

No Pulitzer Prize for fiction this year! After 35 years!

I am quite disappointed that they failed to reach a decision.

If, as they say, that the Prize can really change the career of the winner, it is, I feel a bit of a cop-out that no decision was made, and I feel horribly sorry for the three nervous finalists, who must have been biting their nails waiting to hear a decision reached. I know I would feel let down if I were in their shoes.

Instead of debating about it, surely they should just follow their gut reaction. If however, they really couldn’t decide, then I don’t know, I wasn’t on the jury for it, but still it’s a shame.

And publishers and booksellers are fuming about the outcome, according to the New York Times. Especially in a time of growing instant media, the publishing industry must be finding it difficult to keep up with people’s desire for fast data and information, and the Pulitzer Prize brings a sense of prestige to the winner. The industry raged that to not choose a winner, was ‘an insult’ [New York Times], and I agree, these three writer’s put their heart and soul into their work, and have nervously gone through all stages of the decision-making process, and when they found out that they had been selected as three finalists to go to the Pulitzer Board, the news must have been overwhelming and have left them thrilled. But then to hear that they’ll be no winner this year, must leave them all feeling rather deflated, to say the least.

On a positive note, perhaps the only one, in the backlash that the Prize is receiving in the media, at least the three names of the authors are out there in the media for all to see.

And I’ll list them again here,

David Foster Wallace’s The Pale King

Karen Russell’s Swamplandia

Denis Johnson’s novella Train Dreams

Shall we do what the Board failed to do, and pick our favourite?

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