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Argentina gets political for the Olympics

Argentinian Olympics Advert Sends Strong Political Message

Argentina have been accused of using the Olympics as a means to highlight its claim over the South Pacific Island, the Falklands.

The advert shows the Olympic hopeful training on the Falkland Island, which at the end of the advert are described as ‘Argentine soil’.

The Olympics for me signifies the coming together of all nations, to take part in and celebrate sport and peace.  It is a major international event, where all nations should focus upon our similarities and put aside our differences for the good and the enjoyment of the many. There is a time and a place for politics. This is not it. It seems to me to be a cheap shot at inflicting a political message upon the world, at a time where countries should be striving for unity.

Unfortunately, as the Olympics is an international event, with over 200 nations competing in the Games, then political tensions are evident, for example, the cancellation of the Games during the World Wars, and other modern-day tensions including terrorism.

The Olympic Rings consist of five interwoven rings, representing the five inhabited continents, America, Africa, Asia, Australasia  and Europe, and the colours were chosen because every nation has a least one of them on their flag. This is the unity which the nations strive to uphold throughout the Games. Or at least they should.

The advert ends with the message that it was made as a ‘Tribute to the fallen or ex-combatants.’While this may be a sentimental gesture, the question remains, the fallen on which side? Surely not just Argentina?

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