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‘Discover something new’

Bauer Media launches a new UK monthly knowledge-led magazine Wonderpedia on 24th May.

Apparently aimed at a core demographic of males aged 25-54 and preview copies supplied in men’s magazines such as Today’s Golfer, I enjoyed reading it (24-year-old female). As the first line from the Wonderpedia team reads,

‘There are few things more exciting than discovering something new’

And for me I could not agree more.

The magazine covers (will cover) a mixture of historic events to science and future technologies and the Wonderpedia team go on to say,

‘Our mission is to answer the questions we all have about the world we live in while inspiring a thousand more.’

After reading the preview edition of the magazine I was impressed with it, at its information and its tone. Other knowledge magazine articles can, at times, appear to be too long, to read; they sometimes require a more focused mind. But with Wonderpedia, the team has got the balance right with length, subjects and tone.

As previously stated, the magazine covers an array of subjects so there is something for everyone to enjoy, and while the knowledge-led articles are full to the brim with excellent research and facts, they do not baffle the average Joe, and you do not need a PhD in each subject to understand what they are going on about – but they don’t dumb anything down either.

A dedicated website has been launched www.wonderpediamagazine.co.uk aimed at promoting and growing subscriptions, and can be viewed now.

The leading supermarkets will also be advertising the new magazine so keep your eye out for the first instalment coming your way on the 24th May.

Paul Keenan, chief executive of Bauer Media commented, “Bauer Media continues to invest in great magazine products and the launch of Wonderpedia magazine further demonstrates its commitment to provide engaging content to a range of audiences. Wonderpedia is entering into a strong knowledge category and is unique in its tone and the way it offers a wide breadth of content differentiates it from existing UK magazines.’

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