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What’s with all the hype?

When books get hyped up – I mean really hyped up – I don’t join in on the rush.

I get sort of put off by it.

I did do for the Harry Potter books (which I did eventually read), the Dan Brown books, the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo books, the Twilight books, and now the latest…craze…Fifty Shades of Grey.

According to the Independent it’s hit the 1 million mark! Impressive but my question is, are these hyped-up books, always worth the hype?

Recently at work (library) someone came back to return one of the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo books and said not to bother reading it.

So it makes me wonder, as a writer desiring to hit the 1 million mark (and still climbing) what is the trick to marketing a book so well that it flies off the shelves?

I say that it’s down to marketing, for it must be, when after the hype has been and long gone, and those not caught up in it, or those that were, who have time to digest the true quality of the book that they have just read, the predominant views, that I’ve come across at work, is that they’re not that good. Readable, yes. Enjoyable, yes. But worth the hype…probably not.

Time will be the true test, if in twenty years – fifty years it’s still a big seller and a modern classic, than fair enough. But my scepticism puts doubt in my heart that Fifty Shades of Grey will probably not be one of them.

True. I’m never going to read it. It’s not my type of book. But I will ask others who have and ask them the telling question – was it worth it? Was the hype merited?

While I haven’t read Twilight, or the Dragon Tattoo trilogy, I did give Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code a go, but I didn’t finish it – sorry Dan.

I’m not trying to discredit the authors of hyped-up books, because let’s face it, if they can get published in this competitive market, then I’m happy for them and their books must warrant some hype. But all this?

Friends on social media sites are in a frenzy trying to find this book.

So if people have read this latest hype-up instalment, let me know what it’s like?

I’ve just read the first few lines/paragraphs myself to still the ‘if you haven’t read it, you can’t comment’ lines, and I honestly could get no further. I did not want to. And it’s not just me. Read the reviews on Amazon, while several say that they ‘loved it’ using words like ‘fabulous‘, quite a few more completely contradict this and support my theory.


‘a hard slog’

‘what a waste of money’

are just some of the (negative) reactions to the book. Still there are many who liked it, and that’s their own opinion.

I know this type of genre is just for a bit of fun, but why should it still not be a literary triumph – or can’t it be?

Is there some law that I don’t know about that makes it impossible to read a well-written, well structured and imaginative book of erotic fiction?

One comment on “What’s with all the hype?

  1. I questioned this as well. I have read the books and whilst enjoyable… I wonder if its because I wanted to race to read them because everyone else was.
    I have written a few blogs about it if you care to read 🙂

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