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Procrastinate much…?


On Sunday 15th July 2012, I was starting to come down with a cold. Honest.

The week before I had work, and travelling and my sister’s 40th birthday party to go to 100 miles away. Honest.

But even with these legitimate excuses at putting my writing work off – I still feel like I’ve been procrastinating. Ok. So with a cold I couldn’t physically do much. I couldn’t even concentrate long enough to brainstorm about what I need to do next – another procrastination one could argue…. But it was that sort of cold.

But the week – ok two weeks before – the cold, I did procrastinate. I was busy at work, but still, that was never enough for me usually to not buckle down to write. I thought – ‘Oh, I’ll get to it next week…I’ve got a few days off…and BAMB! a cold struck me down….

Well that’ll teach me a lesson. Do work in the now, because you don’t know what ‘next week’ will bring.

Whilst procrastinating, I was researching methods to stop me doing exactly that.

and I came across




Use it like an egg timer or a count down timer. You can set it up to count down 5 minutes or an hour.

Or you can use one of the special timers i.e. pomodoro which does one 25/5 minute cycle.

Use it for writing, or even for exercise, brushing your teeth, or cooking I guess…

You set it off and the countdown is displayed in large, friendly numbers on the webpage. Find your resolve wavering and your procrastination bug taking over, and switch screens, there it is. Large. Friendly. Numbers. Counting down. The theory is you’ll be shamed into turning back to your work.

It’s also good for people like me who tend to work, then work and work…never really stopping for a break. Set 45 minutes, after the 45 minutes is up, writing down – briefly – what you’ve achieved or give a big tick on the list that you prehaps made earlier. Then give yourself 5-10 minutes to relax and then think about what you want to achieve in the next 45 minutes stint. Set the timer at 45 minutes, and start again.





A time management and analytics tool to be more efficient and productive. There is no data entry – which is great. The programme tracks what you are doing on your computer, the software you are using, the web pages you are visiting. All you have to do is quickly install the software onto your (office) computer and your away.




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