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A is for Angelica by Iain Broome

Review of

A is for Angelica

By Iain Broome



I whizzed through Iain Broome’s debut novel A is for Angelica. I found myself easily swept up with the deep, dark and moving emotions which run throughout the story.

The story follows Gordon, who is forced to quit his ordered, albeit boring life, to care for his wife, who suffers from a series of strokes. We watch as Gordon struggles to cope with his helplessness and stubbornness to care for her. He finds an outlet for his suppressed grief, in his obsession with spying on the daily comings and goings of his neighbours, and his meticulous note-making. We live his life with him, feel his emotions, and our heart breaks with his.

Or at least mine did. I truly think that A is for Angelica is poignant and thought-provoking, and often felt myself with a lump in my throat, as I thought about how I would cope if I was ever put into a situation similar to Gordon’s.

The story flows effortlessly, due to the focus on the characters and the simple, but effective plot, rather than trying to add twist and turns which would have affected the style and voice of the novel. This effective plot works well due to Iain’s beautiful writing style and his dark sense of humour.

I whole heartedly recommend this debut novel.

A is for Angelica is poignant, extraordinary and easy to read. Ideal for anyone.

A is for Angelica is available to download now on Amazon Kindle and available to pre-order from Amazon. Release date 1st September 2012, by Legend Press.

You can also visit his Amazon page for more information:


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