Drafting my front cover

I’ve decided to design my own front cover for my upcoming novel entitled A Straight Path. And I’m learning to see if I have the artistic creativity to do so. I decided on designing my own first as I’m a bit of a control freak and I also like to try everything myself on the road to publication. That extends to the design of the book cover. I’ve played around with several designs, and feel now is the time to ask for further opinions on it.

So what do you think?

The background to the story….

A story of human resilience, love and war.

In 1857, India is on the cusp of Mutiny.  Anne, a wife and mother seemingly content with her lot in life, harbours a deep secret; a lover. With the outbreak of the Mutiny, Anne’s ordered life is thrown into chaos, her secrets are in jeopardy and the entire subcontinent threatens to collapse. The Mutiny spreads through India like wild-fire. In Meerut, on the eve of Mutiny, Karim an idealistic soldier, is fighting against the British for personal and national retribution. Both lives are worlds apart, but neither can escape the path that Mutiny has set for them.


final book cover deign

3 comments on “Drafting my front cover

  1. I purposely looked at the cover first and then read your description so I would react more like a reader who is looking in a book store or scrolling through books online. The graphic connotes India and the war, and I like it (great colors), but I would never imagine it was also a love story. Just one person’s thoughts . . .

  2. It looks kind of like a lot of the self published novel covers that are on places like Amazon, Lulu etc, in my opinion. The fact that the image doesn’t fill up the entire space and has borders at the top and bottom makes it look a little awkward. I’d recommend finding another image that fills up the entire page, or using gradients at the top and bottom to more subtly blend the empty space into the picture.

    If you look at a lot of book covers, you’ll find that the title and author’s name are both together, either at the top of the page, or the bottom. On top of this, there’s a couple of things you can do which will make this look less like a self published cover and more like one that has been made by a designer/artist. Firstly, make your name bigger and bolder than the title; they do this all the time with big name authors as in many ways who wrote the book is often more important than the title. I know that this is slightly different here, but it helps the book to look more professional. Another thing you can do is get a couple of well known bloggers who like the genre to read your story and review it. Include a quote or two on your front cover too, as this again will help the cover to look more professional.

    Hope that helps, and that I haven’t offended you. It’s just there’s a lot of self published work out there, and it’d be great to have your cover stand out among those 🙂

    • You haven’t offended me don’t worry as it was well away from being finished and I’m still playing about with it. That’s some excellent advice thanks! I’ll definitely be looking into all the tips you’ve given me. Thanks!

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