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A new year? and what will it bring?

calendarAnother year is here and like most people I tend to look at the past year and evaluate and look to the coming year and to what I can achieve.

The answer for 2012 is that I decided that I want to write. I’ve always known this, ever since I was a child I wrote short stories and planned full length novels in my head, dreamt up characters and story lines. And as every writer does I read loads. But in 2012 I finally allowed myself the indulgence to accept the fact that I can write for a living. It may not be a very huge living, but hopefully enough, but hey that’s the price most writers pay that aren’t Stephen King or James Patterson. And so I started this blog, whose readership is growing, I’ve joined in the world of twitter, an essential tool for a writer, and again my followers are growing. I’m learning lots from others experiences both via twitter and through their blogs. So in 2012 I allowed myself to say, I want to be a writer. And I started writing.

For 2013, my plans are like most people to get published. After completing the few last changes to my manuscript it will be published on Amazon soon, within the next few months. Also in early 2013, I will finish the first draft and start the edit of a second manuscript that I began work on in the final months of 2012, with the view to publication at the end of the year.

2012 brought my decision to write.

2013 will see this become a reality. (Hopefully a successful one.)

But it’s all a learning curve. I understand and appreciate this and I’m looking forward to learning the tricks of the trade through the experience of writing and through publication.

It’s January 2013 and I’m thinking positive. I’d love at the end of the year to look back over 2013 and be proud of what I have managed to achieve. But I realise that this will come into fruition only through determination and lots of hard work.

Wish me luck!

One comment on “A new year? and what will it bring?

  1. You said to, so good luck! Hope 2013 is a successful year for you 🙂

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