Front cover – take two

After putting up my initial front cover for my forthcoming debut A Straight Path on to this blog, and after asking around people I know, I have decided, after listening to the comments made, to re-do the first front cover and try something completely new.

And without further ado…

…here it is….

potential book cover

….what do you think?

4 comments on “Front cover – take two

  1. I commented on your previous cover; I like this one a lot. My one suggestion is that you make “One Mutiny. A million lives” a little larger because it is almost impossible to read in a thumbnail, which is what most people will see first. Also, I’m wondering why Mutiny and Empire are capitalized but not million, lives, or threatened?

  2. Thanks for taking the time again to comment on my front cover, it’s a great help to hear what completely objective people think. I see your point with the wordings and capitalisations so I’ll have a play around with them a little bit more. Thanks again.

  3. Why is “Mutiny” capitalized? I think the sentences would flow better if it was “mutiny”. Unless in the book you specifically refer to it as “Mutiny”, in which case never mind 🙂

  4. Hi Louis, looks good. Congrats! can i make a suggestion? Perhaps you could put 1 Million lives and the mutiny that threatened an empire below the title like a sub title. And your name at where ‘ The Mutiny…’ is at now. my 2c worth. 🙂 im looking forward to read the book.

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