A new change in my life…. (Update)

I’ve not put up a new post onto my blog lately. I’ve recently started a new job as Library Manager up a newly re-opened  community-run library and I’ve had my hands – and my mind full – with getting everything up and running. And now all that’s left is to develop a new routine for writing and for my blog around my new job.

It’s a job share position working one week on, one week off, so it’s obvious that on my week off I can do some serious writing and get back to my usual writing routine, but I need to get back to grips with developing a routine when I’m at work.

The first week at work I did very little in terms of writing and social networking as an author because of all the changes but subsequent weeks I need to force myself to do something, methinks.

So, for a time my blog updates may be a little more erratic than usual, but I haven’t abandoned my blog or my writing.


2 comments on “A new change in my life…. (Update)

  1. Congratulations on your new job–it sounds wonderful! Your followers look forward to your posts whenever you have your new schedule figured out.

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