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Oh me, oh my. My home town the most well-read city?


I’ve just been browsing around on the internet and I came across this.

Doncaster most well-read city thanks to romantic fiction

My home town in the Telegraph newspaper. Thanks to e-books like Fifty Shades of Grey my home town is classed as the most-well read city. I honestly don’t know whether to feel pride or cry at this snippet of news. For me the idea of being well-read and Fifty Shades of Grey are not even in the same ball park, but hey at least my home town is reading, right?

And it’s not just erotic e-books Doncaster is downloading, according to the article the demand for borrowing erotic literature from libraries has long been popular. Oh my. To me, there’s something a bit strange about borrowing erotic books that others have read……..

Ah well. At least Doncaster is in the news for something positive for a change……

I’m not surprised this type of literature is popular in my home town at the moment. We’ve had a rather rough time with the economic downturn and you can understand that people would turn to these stories as a sort of escape. Not that I’d turn to these nor would I call them well-written – but Doncaster is reading them.

But my gut reaction was why does Doncaster have to read these? The ones I’ve flicked through – including Fifty Shades of Grey were laughably bad – and far from sexy. But Doncaster seem to like them. For some reason that I cannot possible fathom.

Stoker, Hardy, Tolkien, Forster, Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Greene, Dickens, Bronte, Austen, Tolstoy, Steinbeck, Orwell, Waugh……..no it can’t be any of them….it has to be Fifty Shades of Grey!

But again….at least Doncaster is reading, right?

One comment on “Oh me, oh my. My home town the most well-read city?

  1. I felt the same way when Twilight was all the rage! With so many fantastic books available, it’s a bit sad to think that Fifty Shades of Grey is the only book some people will read this year. But as you said, at least they are reading!

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