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The importance of…taking time off.

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I’ve recently started a new job in a newly set up community run library and the last few months I’ve been helping to get things up and running. On top of this I’ve been trying to find a nice rhythm to fit in my “creative” side and get down and do some writing. So ‘breathe’.

For my other half’s birthday, we spent the weekend in York. We’ve been to York dozens of times before, but still it’s a lovely city to visit. Our main reason for the trip was to visit The Fudge Kitchen, for a fudge making experience for his birthday – he loves fudge! And even though the trip was primarily for him, and to a place I’ve been to before countless times, it’s still nice to get away. A change of scenery. A change of pace. A change in daily routine.

So, I guess my point is that, it is important to work hard, to keep writing, working and generally keep going, but it’s equally important to take time off. Whether it be an afternoon snuggling down to watch a film, or sitting out in the sunshine. Or whether it be a couple of days away. It’ll help you feel refreshed, and it’ll help take your mind off your work. It did for me. And now back, I can approach my writing with a fresher mind. Whilst it is important (not integral) to do some writing each and everyday – I feel that having a few days away isn’t that detrimental, especially when it’s easy to get bogged down in your writing. Coming up for a breath of fresh air is well worth the time and the effort – from time to time.

A few pics for your viewing pleasure.


Me and Andrew rolling the fudge, ready to be cut. It is fudge honest. 


Andrew proud of his work. 

One comment on “The importance of…taking time off.

  1. Really time off is required for a break. The way how you utilize your work solely depend upon your creativity. I have watched I video and liked it preety much, you too have a watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqmQo_B7iaw

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