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I Just Can’t Help Myself…


I don’t know why. Perhaps it’s the writer in me, the reader, the librarian or generally the nosey-parker. But wherever I am, whether it’s on a bus or train, Doctor’s waiting room or in a cafe, if I see someone reading a book I always try to see what it is they are reading.

It may be sort of a challenge for me, to see if I can recognise the book by its cover (which goes a long way towards the argument you can’t judge a book by its cover), or by a partial glimpse at the title, or even from the name of the author. If I get it right, it’s sort of like a little high-five to myself, a mini-victory. But if I can’t see probably or if I can’t work out what the book is it sort of bugs me.

It’s my little snippet of OCD. I can’t help it, Sometimes I don’t even know that I’m doing it. So if you see some crazy lady leaning over trying to spy what you are reading – it could be me. Are they many of us out there I wonder? It can’t be just me that has this…problem?

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