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Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Review

Oh Me oh My! It’s a while since I’ve posted a review. I’ve read quite a lot lately but haven’t written or published a review of any of them. So I’ve decided to pick one of the latest books I’ve read. Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

It’s not exactly what I expected. Although, saying that I didn’t know what I actually expected. I haven’t watched the film and had no idea what the book and the film was about apart from a girl/woman called Holly Golightly. That’s all I knew. But still, it wasn’t what I expected. I think it was because I’d labelled the book/film a ‘classic’ in my head so my expectations were high. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy it – I did. But if it wasn’t so famous then I may not have read it. If I’d have just gone on the blurb then I probably would have put it back onto the shelf. It’s generally not my kind of book that I like to read.

breakfast at tiffanys

That being said, I did enjoy it. It was straightforward and easy to read and the characters were interesting because as it’s a fairly short read Capote doesn’t fill in too much about the characters and their pasts, making them more…intriguing.

Holly Golighty, of course, was particularly intriguing, and thinking about the novella afterwards and about her character in general, I think deep down she was a little unsure of herself. Outwardly, in the way she acted dancing in the street to her sublimely chic dress, she was very sure of herself. Supremely confident, perhaps playing on her young age to win people – men – over. But something about her screamed that deep down she was a lost little girl in New York. I haven’t read any reviews or papers on the novella so this may be just repetition to people who know the book well, but that’s the impression I got.


Like Of Mice and Men, it portrays a similar theme of the American Dream. Holly’s dream is to be somebody, an effortless somebody. She doesn’t want to be an actress or anything like that, she seems to just want to be ‘known’. While, whether she wants to admit it to herself or not, she wants to be loved and be in love. I believe that she sees herself as an independent woman, but in essence, she doesn’t want to be – at least not forever. Again, I don’t know if this is the general consensus or not, but it’s the sense I get from the story.

So that’s a bit about Holly. The story itself is tightly written without any extraneous details or phrases. Again as I’ve said the story isn’t something I would normally pick up and, shamefully, I was driven to read it partially due to its classic film interpretation. But on the whole, I did enjoy it. I can’t say that I was blown away by it, and I would only give it 3 out of 5 ‘stars’.

However, it is well worth a go as a sample of American literature, and the array of characters squeezed into this short novel does make for interesting reading.

truman capote

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