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More from me….


At the end of my last blog I spoke about the difficulties I may find in established a new routine. Actually it’ll be the old routine that I had before the move, I just need to get back into the swing of it. There are many pointers about the importance of establishing a writing routine for writers, and once I had it, I stuck – mostly to it. And I know that it’s equally important to re-establish that routine as soon as possible should it be lost. And I will….

I guess the main problem I have is establishing my routine while my partner/boyfriend is still at home waiting to start his jobs (security checks pending). And although he is supportive of my writing, the temptation to sit with him and watch tv or go on days out is strong. And it’s this I need to pull myself away from.

Plus with me mainly in the early stages of research, my actual time for writing does suffer. On the positive side I think would be an excellent opportunity not only to catch up on my blogging and re-establishing my online presence, but also to practice writing short stories, character inventions and newspaper style writing, to keep my writing toned, my creative mind sharp and also as a practice to write in a more condensed and pithy way (which seemed to be my detriment sometimes at university when essay writing).

So I’ve got a lot to be getting on with again. Blogging, online presence, writing, reading and research. Phew! My trick, again, will be to take it all in my stride from day one and spread it over, gradually getting used to it again, so by the new year, I’ll be in a strong position. And not to let myself be overwhelmed by it all. I won’t be blogging every day, and I’ll be re-creating my online presence in an afternoon, leaving the morning (when I work better), with my mind freer to write and research. Reading for pleasure, like for everyone else, will be done on an evening after everything else is done.

Although, this all seems all very nice, neat and tidy and we all know life doesn’t work like that. But all I can do right this minute is try my best to wriggle back into the solid routine I had before the move to Chesterfield. Its easier said then done right?

I’m hoping the guilt of not writing and the strong desire to create again and see what everyone else is up to are the strongest motivations that I think I’ll ever come across.

I’ve missed the writing and the exploration of creativity – whether it be (quite loftily) my own or from everyone else.

One comment on “More from me….

  1. Sounds like you’re itching to write, Louise! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

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