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Evaluation time approaches!

Time to Evaluate Clock Review or Assessment Management

It’s almost time for evaluation. And with Christmas approaching and New Year following hot on its heels it’s generally almost the time of year to evaluate the year gone by. So what has 2013 brought for me? A new job. A new house. My first novel was published and a second one written – waiting to be edited. Not so bad.

It’s also the time of year where you evaluate what more you could have done. Travelling is always high on my list, but that is very much constrained by the purse strings. I always imagine myself visiting what I class as the ‘old European cities’ like Prague and Vienna.

My job is going well and the community library is going from strength to strength and moving in the right direction. We’re almost settled in the new house, we’re waiting for the spring – and hopefully the better weather – before we crack on and decorate. And it’ll feel more like home after we’re spent Christmas here and after my partner starts his new job in January!

Writing is obviously at the top of my list. I’m pretty happy with what I’ve achieved this year, although I would have liked to have started on the gruelling editing process of my second novel, and even have an outline of a third drawn up. I am debating whether to write a non-fiction work – but that seriously will take time with the immense amount of research that I’ll need to do.

Reading wise, again I’m pretty happy. Obviously I always want to have the time to read more. For next year I think that I’ll read a bit more non-fiction works – generally history. Like this year, I’ll record what I’ve read to look back on at the end of the year.

Establishing and maintaining an online presence is the thing that I’ve let slide. I’m sure that other authors feel the same. We’re more interested in the writing side – and we are writers so who can blame us? Either that or I’m sure they’ll be some of us who can’t draw themselves away from the social media side of it. Engaging with like-minded people is great and you can – and do – learn a lot from the experience of other people and you can – and do – get directed to other people’s blogs and websites with some cracking advice. But writer’s need to write. So finding that balance can be difficult. I’ve found it difficult this year to keep my online presence going, and it’s something that I am aware of and something that I will get sorted for next year.


One comment on “Evaluation time approaches!

  1. Balance is the hardest part, isn’t it? You’ve had a wonderful year, and wishing you all the best in 2014!

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