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Resolutions, resolutions, resolutions.

It’s Resolution time. Lose weight, eat more healthily, exercise more and…..drink less, are probably on everyone’s list somewhere. Quitting smoking, finding a new job, find ‘the One’…again probably on a lot of people’s.

new years resolutions

But in January 2013 I decided to ignore my usual resolution to lose a bit of weight &c which usually fails after one day, and decide upon something a bit more different and a bit more proactive and hopefully one I’ll keep………and the result was: My New Year’s Resolutions for future years will be ‘To Learn Something New’.

This doesn’t have to be a skill every year, it could just be to learn about something I didn’t know before, for example my history studies never really included Chinese history nor do I know anything really about the Crimean War, so one year could simply be learning about these – or other – periods of history.

And for 2013 it was to learn to knit. I’m half way through a scarf right now, and not done as much knitting as I would have liked, but I didn’t really find it that easy to pick up, I was all fingers and thumbs with it. So after learning the ‘theory’ behind it and getting nowhere but frustrated, I put it to one side for several months, before picking it up again and I was able to knit! The break to ‘calm down’ with it helped me. So I wouldn’t say I’ll be knitting jumpers for next year, but it’s a skill I’ve learnt. So I’ve stuck to it: to learn something new!!

……so what for 2014…… to learn how to make bread. And not just a simple white loaf (although that’s what I’ll be starting with), but allsorts really.

My writing resolutions are kept separate from ‘New Year Resolutions’. Next year, I’ll want to publish my second novel and begin working on a third. Plus I’ll want to improve my online presence…and of course read more.

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