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Pen and Paper. A writer’s best friend?

Pen and paper. Are they still a writer’s best friend? Or should we leave them behind and move into a truly digital age?

pen and paper

I love using a pen and paper. Using computers and softwares are great and as writers these days we have to use them. But I still wouldn’t be without my trusted pen and paper. I have several notepads flying around, one for making notes on the go, another for making a day-to-day or week-by-week to do list, and another for research notes whether it’s a book or article I should read or the actual notes from them.

And while I could do all these things using technology, I don’t see myself ever abandoning pen and paper. For notes on the go, I could use my smart phone and I could use my laptop for synching all my calendar events with what my writing plans are for that day. I could but I don’t. I think the primary reason is that I’m not glued to technology. Some people are, but I’m not one of them. It may ‘technically’ be easier sometimes to plan my days or plan and document my research using a specific computer software system, and if I was used to using it, I may one day be able to use something like that on a regular basis. But not any time soon. I still like the feel of the pen in my hand and I’m actually able to remember what I’ve writing better after physically writing it down on paper – this is especially helpful for research.

But that’s me. I like technology, it’s useful. But I don’t love it. And I think I’m still a traditionalist that way. I think that a lot of people will agree with me to a certain extent. You can never underestimate the utility and the ease of pen and paper.

So is this the case for you? Or am I in the minority now?

One comment on “Pen and Paper. A writer’s best friend?

  1. I tend to use paper/pen for writing notes, and then a computer for hardcore writing — as in, actually writing a story, not just jotting down ideas.

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