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Getting on the property ladder…..what a nightmare!

A bit of a different tack today. While flipping through yesterdays Metro newspaper, I came across two stories about housing.

The first highlighting house price rises throughout the UK and the other about children growing up in fuel poverty.

According to the Metro ‘Owning home ‘is a dream’ as prices rise by up to 17%’. Great. Wonderful. I always realised that the prospect of owning my own home is going to take longer than I would like. My partner and I have been renting now for five years, and quite frankly we’re tired. We can’t wait to own our own home. But with prices rising higher and higher the likelihood keeps moving beyond our reach. I must say that it’s not really the mortgage repayments that we’re not able to afford, although these will be higher no doubt than want we’re paying for rent, but also saving up the deposit, plus enough left in the kitty to make any changes that we may want – or need – to make with the house we eventually want to buy.


[Sorry for the quality. Taken from the Metro 30/1/14, Source: Land Registry]

The second story is very sad. It states that more than 2 million children are ‘growing up cold’ amid an escalating fuel poverty crisis. I can appreciate in this day and age with the technology and the access to housing insulation that we have that we shouldn’t be facing this. The economic crisis has plunged families into fuel poverty. But stories from my father (and mother) show that almost everyone of their generation grew up cold. No central heating, mornings where frost lined the inside of windows, cheaply made ‘pit houses’ with no insulation, and one warm bath a week. (My dad, as the eldest was the lucky one here out of his two brothers. The eldest got the first bath!) And this was only the 1960s. Not the 1860s. They grew up cold, but fine.

No one should have to live without warmth, not these days. But living in fuel poverty is not a new thing.



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