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A crucial element of a book – the cover

As I’ve said in previous posts, I’m in the midst of editing my second novel, so naturally soon I’ll be looking at designing my own front cover. So I’ve been looking at book covers I like to get ideas about what I should do and what works, and naturally looking at book covers that really DO NOT work.

This website basically has every book cover by self-published writers which are, as the name of the site suggests, lousy. It’s such a shame that people do neglect their front cover. It’s an advertisement to what’s inside, whether they like it or not. I’ve picked some from this site, which are far from the worst, just for you to see.


Having said this, self-published writers can design their own front cover. But the trick is not to rush through it. I’m pretty happy with my first and so I’ll give it another go for my second. It did take several attempts and work through, and both major and minor edits to get the finished book cover that I wanted.

coporate enemy from lousy book covers tumblr_mw4cr3O89u1r4dtnao1_500 tumblr_myl3doSh0g1r4dtnao1_500 tumblr_myqdq7Pbh21r4dtnao1_500 tumblr_n06c33i5jx1r4dtnao1_500 tumblr_n06h9y9Z771r4dtnao1_500

This collection is what not to do.

But they’re not all that bad….

Nominate any book covers that you know of by self-published writers. If possible ones that they’ve done themselves, but if not it doesn’t matter. I hope that I won’t be proven wrong that self-published writers can – and do – have a decent book cover.

One comment on “A crucial element of a book – the cover

  1. Thanks for this, it’s certainly something to think about. And good luck with the 2nd novel…

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