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Maybe I should have gone to university a few years later…..

As you can see from the title of this blog, I’ve been thinking a fair bit about, maybe I should have gone to university a few years later. Or maybe we all should.


1. We come straight out of full time education at school where we’ve been since the age of 5, and straight into full time university education. There’s not much breathing space. In hindsight, I’m like, ‘hey give me a rest! I need a bit of time to do something…..different. To break the cycle of education and learn for yourself through life.’

2. Granted it can be a good learning curve. You out of your parents home for the first time and in – almost – complete control of your life. You don’t have your mum there to wake you up in the morning to make sure you get to your lectures on time. You have to pay for rent, bills and food. You have to cook and clean. Wash clothes and iron. Manage your own time. And go to lectures. This can be done through going out and working though too.

3. You’ll probably be less inclined to hit the pub as hard or as often as those free from their parents do the moment they get to university. Hopefully, you’d be a little older and a little wiser….I certainly couldn’t drink as much as I used to.

4. If you’re not an overly outgoing person, like I used to be when I first went to university, then your time in seminars can be impacted. Sure I knew the stuff but I never had the confidence to speak out – and when I did it was only to say a sentence or two. Now, a little older, and having worked, I’m more confident actually talking to people I don’t know or being sort of in the lime light.

5. I know more now. I’ve read more, I understand more. I watch and read more news. I’m more interested in politics and the world around me. I read more history, for one, something I didn’t really have time to do at school before university.


1. You get out of the habit of learning.

2. You get out of the habit of researching and writing essays.

3. You may keep saying I’ll go next year, and keep putting it off and off (like cleaning that oven…which I’ll do…another day). It’ll may end up being another day or another year, until it’s too late. And least straight after school is a better time as your already in the zone to get the application done – teachers help, and let’s face it, your life hasn’t really started yet.

4. I’m saying I’ve read more, but I only read what I ended up enjoying studying about at university in the first place. and only then did I realise my specialism in my final year. And so this is said only with the benefit of hindsight about a) what I’m interested in and b) what is actually taught at the university of your choice. A subject like history is so vast in its specialisms that you may not study what’s interests you the most until your final year – like me.

5. And being older is no guarantee that you will be any wiser when it comes to hitting the bars.

Oh. 5 versus 5. Tricky. I think for me, if I could go to university now, rather than when I did, attending the same university and studying the same subjects, then I think I could do better. But hindsight is a marvellously wonderful thing.

But one thing is for sure, I mustn’t get hung up on it…………

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