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How to keep on blogging

If you’ve got a blogging routine, say twice a week like me, then there must be times when staring at the blank screen you realise that you’ve got nothing really to say – or certainly not something that you’ve already said before.

So how do you leap over this hurdle by finding something interesting enough for people to read?

The simple answer is…I have no idea.


You can have your list of what you normally would blog about and other ideas tumbling about in your mind, but what happens on those days where the words just don’t feel right.

Much has been said about writer’s block – but what about blogger’s block?

I guess the way to tackle it is just to get on and blog. Strive through the blockage.

One.  Update your fellow bloggers. Something you’ve done. Something you’ve achieved.

Two. Write a book review (not helpful for those who have a book review blog). It doesn’t have to be long. A couple of sentences will perhaps do. Perhaps write about the book your reading now.

Three. Is there anything interesting going on in the world today?

Four. Any forthcoming events or news items.

Five. Any interesting historical events that can be tied to the month or precise date?

Six. Why not say a bit more about yourself? Keep it as personal or not as you like.

Seven. Talk about the latest film you’ve seen or your favourite TV show

Eight. Write a list of what you want to achieve in the next few months/years. i.e. 30 things to do before your 30.

Nine. Have a good old moan about something. What’s really getting your goat at the moment?

Ten. Go out and do something interesting. Then tell you blogger friends about it.

Eleven. Start a blogging theme. A to Z of blogging. Start at A and work your way through the alphabet blogging about something which begins with the letter A….B…..C….and so on.

Twelve. Write and blog your own list just like I have today! Sneaky!

But this doesn’t exactly tackle the problem head-on. I guess if you can look through this list, or any others, or even write your own and still can’t find something to say then perhaps don’t. Leave it for a bit and then come back to the blogging world when you’ve got a fresher mind.

Just don’t stay away too long though!!

One comment on “How to keep on blogging

  1. [ Smiles ] I am sure that you’ve helped out a lot of your readers with your list; great contribution to the blogosphere.

    I blog every single day. I have two blogs; one here on WordPress and the other on Google Blogger. So, I am always using my imagination and coming up with ideas.

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