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To E-Read or not to E-Read; Take 2

Back in February 2012 I posted a blog entitled to E-read or not to E-read? Over two years later I’m still thinking about it and people are still debating it.


My conclusion back in 2012 was that I’ll probably use my e-reader (kindle) about 50% of the time, and still read actual books. And I’ve found that I’m still sticking to that. It’s not a conscious effort to stick to this but probably more to the fact that I work in a library and so are surrounded by books everyday.

And I still buy books and read them, just the same as I do with e-books.

And the benefits with an e-book are still much the same as I thought they would be:

1. I can carry around numerous books all at once.

2. I don’t have to keep buying more bookshelves – I’m running out of space as it is.

3. It’s easier to read on the train – especially when I’m balancing my work bag and my push-bike.

4. It’s easier to read in bed.

But still they can be pretty divisive. I guess I take the easy route and sit on the fence. I use e-readers and still read booksAnd I see the positive and negatives for them both.

Some people love them. Some people hate them. I guess could live without mine – but I don’t want too….


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