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Happy Retirement


So my colleague and job-share partner has retired. News of her retirement came fairly suddenly even though she’d been talking about it for, perhaps, the past six months. But still I think we all expected her to continue on for a bit longer.

So I’m blogging to wish her good luck and a happy retirement! She definitely deserves it after serving the local community of Upton as their librarian for (I think) 17 years!!! A tremendous achievement, and what’s more she’ll be sadly missed by myself, all that have had the pleasure of working alongside her and all the people of Upton with whom she has made many friends.

This blog post is about my colleague retirement, but also about the prospect of retiring generally. I may be a long way of from retirement myself but with Gail’s retirement I’ve started thinking about it.


It may seem like an easy decision. Gail, for instance has worked every (working) day since 17 years old, only taking the basic maternity leave entitlement before heading back into work again, so you’d think it’d be an easy decision for her, and countless others like her. But I don’t think it is that easy.

You may enjoy not being at work, but you probably will miss the routine of work and/or the people you work with. Stopping work completely must be an extremely hard adjustment to get used to.

Another point comes to light too….Do writers ever truly retire? They may not write for publication any more, but can they ever silence the need to write?  

Is a writer always a writer?

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