Back it up!


My computer today is having one of those days. It doesn’t want to play fair. After three attempts to turn it on, it finally starting working, deciding then to scan through all folders and files and all other such techy things. And I was on the verge of tearing each and every strand of hair out panicking and stressing that I’d lose my work forever…..

Of course, fairly often I backed-up the novel that I’d be working on, but not all the notes, random thoughts and chapters that I may use.

And so I started panicking and so the first thing that I did as soon as I was able to (as soon as my computer was working well enough and behaving itself) was I backed all my work up.

I backed-it up on to an external hard drive and emailed it all to myself – quite a few emails – so I can access it whenever I want and wherever I am. Of course, you can use this ‘cloud’ thingy-mi-jig and not have to worry about backing your work up.

Its super important to back your work up. It’s not something that you may think about until it’s too late. You don’t really have to do it every day but every few months, perhaps more if your computer is misbehaving as much as mine is. (Yes I really need a new one).

Don’t lose all that hard work. Back it up.


2 comments on “Back it up!

  1. So happy to hear you didn’t lose everything, Louise. I work with an author who forgot her suitcase on the sidewalk as she left her building; her laptop with the only copy of her book was in it, and of course the suitcase was gone when she realized her mistake and returned. Lucky for her she’d emailed all but the last chapter to me. Personally, I use flash drives, an external hard drive, and Dropbox to store anything I’m working on.

  2. I use flash drives and still use diskettes too, the small ones. I got my computer as a configure to order 8 years ago and requested the disk drive. Flash drives are great though. I’ve written a bit about them in a post I just published.

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