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What’s in a name?


When thinking about character names or even the name of your book(s) how easy do you find it?

Do you play around with various names until you settle on one? Are you fortunate that names just walk into your mind fully formed? If not does it prevent you moving forward? Or do you carry on regardless?

I can see how not having a character name sorted especially for your lead characters can make things difficult. It may be difficult to build a fully formed picture in your mind of your character.

But what about your titles? I’m struggling with mine. Where do your’s originate from? The title of my first novel A Straight Path came about after research for one of my characters who follows the religion of Islam and I came across the phrase a straight path in the Muslims journey through life and in their religion (sorry if that’s not the best description of it). And the phrase fitted with the rest of the story. Or at least it was an ironic title for the themes in the novel, mainly that life is never a straight path, even for those who seem to have it all sorted, and moreover the Indian battle for independence from the British Empire was also very far from a straight path, even if the hopes may have been.

But there has been no such lightning with my second. I’m not asking here for suggestions, I’m hoping it’ll come to me. I keep playing around with words and phrases (and continuing reading) to see if anything feels right.

So like most things that happen, I wonder what other people do. How other people create their titles.


[working title]

So? How do you do it?

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