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Why I’d Love to Write Full Time


If (or when) I get the opportunity to be able to ditch the day job and write full-time I’d leap at the chance. I guess most writer’s would scream ‘Me too! Me too!’, but here are my reasons why:

1. I love to write – I thought I’d get the obvious reason out of the way first. I love being creative and writing, I’ve always got ideas floating around in my head that I’d love to be able to act upon. I love the buzz I get filling pages with my words, with my creations. I love the initial excitement staring at a blank screen; a blank screen waiting to be filled with stories. I love all aspects of writing from initial ideas, to development, to planning and research and then the writing. Quite simply I love writing.

2. All rolled up in one – I’m a creative person. I’m an organised person. I’m motivated. I try not to procrastinate. I work great on my own. I don’t easily get distracted. Writer’s qualities are rolled into one.

3. I’d like to think that – writing full-time will give me more flexibility. I know it won’t be easier than going out to work, with having only yourself to rely on, to motivate yourself and to organise your own hours. But I’d like to think it’d offer a greater level of flexibility with being able to organise my time around my own schedules and dead-lines. I’d also like to think that it’d offer more flexibility as a family. While I don’t have children yet, they are definitely in our future, so I think that working from home would make family life that little bit easier with not having to deal with the commute home – I guess this will be the case for anyone working from home.

4. No commute – working from home will mean that I can work longer hours without even really realizing it. I wouldn’t be tired from the commute to and from work so I’d be able to put that extra energy – not to mention time – into doing what I love best – writing.

5. I’d like to think – I’d have more time. And that’s more time to do writing stuff. Including the actual physical writing, but I’d also have more time to engage with other writers and readers online as well as in person. Right now I’m blogging having got straight in from work and before I start preparing tea. It’s a bit rushed. So I’d like to have more time spending more time on all elements of writing – from researching to networking.


There’s probably other reasons that I’ve neglected to say, but as I’ve said, I’ve just got in from work.

The down side:

The financial side – the finances for writing are far from predictable. With the job I’m doing now I know how much I’m going to get paid at the end of the month and therefore I can budget accordingly. But if my finances weren’t as predictable month on month I may have to think twice on financial decisions. And I’d have to do self-assessment taxing. In the UK it’s the companies we work for who sort out our wages and sort out what tax we need to pay etc., but obviously if you are self-employed this is something you have to do on your own. And I’ve got a feeling that despite the slogan ‘Tax doesn’t have to be taxing’, it probably is. Things like that are never straight forward.

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