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Are writers really like that?


I’ve recently begun watching the hit US comedy-drama Californication featuring David Duchovny as troubled writer Hank Moody, who moves to California, suffers from writer’s block, drinks and womanizes. His life is filled to the brim with sex, drugs and rock and roll.

Moving on… to Castle. Again this features a novelist, this time played by Nathan Fillion as Richard Edgar Castle. He too is plagued by writer’s block. The early seasons depict him as an immature womanizer.

Moving on… to Sex and the City… Carrie Bradshaw…. a newspaper columnist who likes fashion and men and happily and regularly we see maxing out her credit card on things she cannot afford and running around the City in high heels looking for the man of her dreams.

I’m sure there are other shows out there too that feature characters as writers/novelists who are portrayed as being a bit of a mess.

Drink, sex and shopping? Is that all we do? Oh with a little bit of writing thrown in to remind us that they are writers.


Held up against these lives – which I know are dramatized to keep us entertained – my writing life is pretty dull. It’s filled with every spare minute with writing – or at least I aim for it to be….


………..is that how writer’s cope with writer’s block? Hank Moody, according to the TV show hasn’t written anything for 7 (I think) years! Years! Yet still calls himself a writer, still has an agent and still manages to find the money to go boozing almost every night.

[P.S. I may not have watched any of Castle however I am a fan of the other two so my mini rant may be sort of hypocritical…. I know their flaws but still tune in.]


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