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So many ideas….


Everyone has a book in them….apparently. But is that just one book in everyone?

Quite often with writers, after putting their heart and soul into their first novel, they struggle to find that next idea.

But what happens when you’re so inundated with ideas – not all of them great or even workable – what happens then?

Which project do you go for next?

How easy is it to quieten down the ideas portion of your brain and get on with the task at hand?

Of course this is where the trusted writers notebook comes in handy, you can jot the idea down and try to move on with what you’re currently working on but it isn’t always that easy. This is something I struggle with.

You may be thinking ‘Lucky you’ for having so many ideas for novels and non-fiction works, but believe me many of these ideas simply stay as ideas. Some of them simply aren’t workable or sometimes I don’t really feel the idea. The idea may be ok but not something that I feel that I can stick with for the length of time needed. And some of them let’s face it are pure farce. They’re simply not very good, not very good at all.

And those I would like to pursue want to be pursued NOW. Not in the future, now. And it may appear that I’m giving these ideas a life of their own but that’s what they have. They almost seem to develop without me really thinking about it.

So several projects want to be done all at the same time.

So how do I choose?

I just choose.

Then I spent half the time immersed in that project, and the other half battling with the demon ideas striving to keep them in their place.

I know this is an element of a lack of discipline, and like any person with a problem I hoping that the first step is admitting I’ve got a problem….


…and my current solutions boil down to two possibilities:

1. Conduct the two projects that are fighting the hardest, simultaneously. One week one project. The second week the other project. And so on and so forth, alternating weeks between the two.

2. Leave one to the side and concentrate on one at a time.

The second seems the most logical. But the first tackles the ideas problem………Shucks*.

The battle continues.

* Apologies to my American followers if I didn’t use this in the correct context.

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