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7 (Writing) Things to do Before I’m 30

Monday 13th October I posted 30 things to do before 30 and it covered general dreams and ambitions and new things to try or aim for.


Today, I’m posting my before 30 list for my writing.

We all have our deadlines and our long term goals in our minds but I’ll challenge myself to not only write some writing challenges down but do them. The list will not include things like getting a short story published or a poem published in  magazine but more my hopes for my current – and near future – writing projects.

1. E-book publish my next novel The Crest

2. E-book publish 2 books from the non-fiction history series that I’m working on

3. Have a first draft of next novel idea, which is in the very early ideas and planning stages

4. Have a first draft of a third non-fiction history in the series

5. Organize my writing work-space and files

6. Try writing some short stories for myself

7. Try writing some poetry for myself

Apart from number 5 (which keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the list due to time – and of course not dismissing procrastination) I think that all the other four combined is a definite challenge but one that I’m hoping that I will accomplish.


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