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My problem is….

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…..I love to be organised. Too organised. I love making notes and lists.

I think that it makes me feel focused and organised so that I get on with the work with a clear mind.

But this is just organised procrastination.

I used to write lists of day to day writing activities that would cover the next few weeks. Then life would get in the way or I’d manage to get some things done before ‘schedule’ and I’d more often than not have to re-write my lists anyway.

How I’ve rectified the problem…

I still write lists – that’s something that’ll I’ll always do. But I write my to-do-lists for only the next upcoming days – three at the most. The list is not likely to change (that much if at all) and I no longer waste valuable time writing long to-do-lists covering perhaps weeks only to re-write them again and again. So I can actually get on with some writing.

Which is after all what I love to do.

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