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Using Time Wisely


Modern life is hectic right? 

It’s pretty much the same for all of us.

We need to make every minute count right?

So we all need to use our time wisely.

For writers this is no different. Whether you’re a full time writer trying to get that little bit more done every day or whether you have a day job and have to fit your writing in either side of your work pattern (like me).

I know I’m not one to talk – I can be the procrastinating queen when I want to be. But most of the time I’m busy doing some form of writing. Whether it’ll be engaging with other writers or readers through social media, actually doing some physical writing, or conducting some research (which is not aimlessly browsing around on the internet, finding out after a while that you’re looking at a new pair of shoes for the work’s Christmas party).

Now I like to plan. That’s me. Then I know what I’ve got to do on a given day. I’ve spoken at length about my need to organise my time – sometimes at the detriment of my time itself.

Of course we all know that when we have a spare hour or couple of hours we can get something done.

But what about just 10 minutes or half an hour? 

Well there’s always something that can be done.

Even if it’s just thinking.

  • by all means plan your time. I do. Plan your time for the ‘big things’ though
  • also think about those little things that can be done when you’ve just got minutes to spare
  • Never waste a moment
  • you may regret it later
  • and you may be surprised just how much you can get done little bits at a time

How about using time wisely throughout a day?

I don’t work on Mondays. It’s my writing day, so I have to get a lot done.

So (surprise, surprise) I make my list for the day,

And I work through it.

I try not to have set things at set times, because honestly I don’t think I could work that rigidly.

So I have my set things to do, which I do every Monday, like blog and social network and working on my current project – whatever stage it may be at.

I try to keep things general, and as long as I work on my project(s), and have made some progress over the course of the day I’m happy.

The common list

  • Limit your time on social media sites
  • Have breaks to refresh your mind
  • Drink plenty of fluid
  • If you need to turn off internet access to force you off it
  • Stop thinking so much and get on with the task at hand
  • Ignore the housework (for now) and get some writing done
  • Or power clean the house first thing in a morning if you have to
  • Put your phone on silent if your easily distracted
  • Set up your work place with things close to hand – this’ll help create a positive environment
  • Be organised – know where your stuff is
  • Wear something comfortable
  • Do what matters most
  • Don’t get stressed – this may seem easier said than done – but if you find yourself on the verge of loosing control not just of your writing, you need to take a step back. You won’t help your writing or indeed yourself. Learn how to switch off, relax and ease the pressure. You’ll sleep better, play better and hopefully write better.

All these points (and there are many many more) have been listed time and again, but do we always listen to them, probably not.

The most important thing is to assess our own time and how we use it, and how we can best increase our efficiency in the same length of time. 


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