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Let It Go


For a while now I’ve been gearing up to (self) publish my next novel, but as time has worn on I’ve not got any closer. It’s been so close to have been finished for a long time now, the book cover has been created, a blurb written….but it still is just sitting on my computer.

And the reason, it’s still not ready, and I don’t think it ever will be. I’m letting it go. I’m putting it on the back-burner. It’s being shelved.

I don’t think that I’ll hit the delete button as a lot of time and effort went in to creating it.

Even if I don’t publish it, it was a good learning curve for me. More writing done, more characters created, and in this case the difficult decision of when to let it go.

Sometimes that’s how projects go. I’ve worked on it for so long but I just don’t feel it’s good enough. Something is lacking. So I’ll keep it on the shelf and perhaps, maybe come back to it one day, to see what the future has it store for it.

So now it’s off my mind and off my shoulders and I can concentrate on my current and future projects without continuing to look back.

Sometimes the difficult decision has to be made. It has to be let go. But it’s worth it.


One comment on “Let It Go

  1. I know this was a difficult decision for you, Louise, but consider putting the project away for a while and then later send it out to a few beta readers. Author Angela Christine Archer wrote about her decision to abandon a manuscript (http://wp.me/p1DBaG-Ws) and what happened after she sent it to beta readers (wp.me/p1DBaG-Xc); sometimes a fresh set of eyes on your manuscript can help you figure out what isn’t working.

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