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Discover the Delightful Paul Robeson

Paul Robeson

1898 – 1976pau robeson

After watching some ‘old’ films of the 1930s, I have delightfully discovered the wonderfully talented, handsome, soulfully stirring, highly charismatic actor that was Paul Robeson [see a excellent biography of Mr Robeson from The Independent].

His soulful voice is tremendous, and the songs in the films steal the show.

His talents and his immensely popular screen and singing career made him a revered man of his time and a cultural giant only to be forgotten by history due to his political beliefs.

Paul Robeson was a man of many talents, he was a football player, a singer, an actor, a lawyer and a athlete, and a civil rights activist. He often spoke out against racism and for his efforts his found himself blacklisted during the paranoia of McCarthyism in the 1950s, which shattered his acting and singing career. I’ll not delve too deep into a biography here, for countless others have done a wonderful job before me. Today, I’m simply highlighting the talented greatness that was Paul Robeson.

Known for Sanders of the River (1935), Song of Freedom (1936), Show Boat (1936) and King Solomon’s Mines (1937)
Discover Mr Paul Robeson for yourself…..

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