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I’ll tell you why I do like mondays


To borrow and re-word a line from the Boomtown Rats…I’ll tell you why I do like Mondays.

First and foremost I have to say that I do love my day job as a Librarian and that I work Tuesday – Friday.

So my Monday’s are for me and my writing.

It’s the day that I get to write and nothing else. I don’t have to go anywhere or do anything.

One. My housework is done from the weekend so the house is still (relatively) tidy.

Two. I don’t have to travel.

Three. I get to network with you fine people.

Four. I get to write.

Five. I get to research.

Six. I get to think.

Seven. I get to plan.

All in all I love Monday’s because it’s the day that I work on my writing. Which I love.

I’m lucky enough to have a day where I can dedicate my entire day to writing. And what’s more because my other half is out at work (sorry sweetie) I work all day, but also with a deadline. I guess I could go on for hours, and hours, and hours…you get the point. But when my partner/boyfriend gets back home, the writing goes away. You can do too much. And it keeps me focused so I don’t procrastinate.

With just having one full day in the (working) week to focus solely upon writing, I really have to focus my mind and my time so I can come away at the end of the day knowing it was productive. And it usually is. And then whatever I don’t get finished on a Monday can be finished throughout the rest of the coming week before and after my day job. So my entire week is productive. And I do something everyday.

So I love Mondays.

(Mostly) Uninterrupted writing.

(I do have to eat!)


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