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Writers Using Smartphones


So we all know that being a writing is more than just putting words onto a page. Its also about networking, planning, researching, brain-storming, editing etc and so forth…

Technology today is all around us. Even in our hands (or pocket or bottom of handbag). The age of the smart phone has well and truly dawned.

While for many, myself included, smartphones have become a bane of our lives, in some ways. In other ways they have proved themselves so completely useful and integral that we cannot picture our lives without them. I use mine on a everyday basis. Yes as a simple, humble phone, but also for note-taking and using useful everyday apps.

Internet on the go.


Diary management & Calendar.


Network apps – like twitter, Facebook and the others…




Emails delivered direct to your smartphone.

There are countless other uses – but this is basically what I use my smartphone for.

But even I don’t feel that I’m using the smartphone technology, as a writer, to its full potential. I still like using a computer screen to send tweets etc. So should I be using it more often when I’m out and about? Probably. I can network on the go. Make notes on the go…. You get my point. I’m all for trying to get more writing out of the day – especially when you have other things to contend with – so I really should be taking a leaf out of my own book and using my smartphone more on the go – to save time elsewhere. Killing two birds with one stone. But like a lot of things its a matter of habit – and having a decent WiFi signal.

So I must start getting into the habit of using my smartphone as more than just a ‘phone’. I’ll let you know how I’m getting on.

Are any fellow writers or readers using any fantastic apps at the moment?


One comment on “Writers Using Smartphones

  1. try Evernote, i was use it on my android.

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