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Blogging Themes


Over the next few months I’m going to be concentrating on monthly blogging themes for a while. Hopefully this will bring a degree of fluidity to my blog posts that I’ve been searching for, and now the end of a month is (almost) here, my next post will be a themed post and I’ll start from the beginning of April.

Not only will it give my blog focus, it’ll give my mind at bit of focus too, hopefully. An issue at work has been somewhat stressful to say the least, and I’m focusing on my current project which is coming together nicely, so with work and my project sometimes I lack the get-up-and-go to blog.

So soon you’ll see more order here and more themes – whether it’ll be a month of book reviews (general or specific), a month of history, a month of all things libraries, a month of all things writing, top tens, and how to’s….etc etc

[Luckily though, seen as I don’t blog every day (although that may be one of the future monthly themes), you won’t feel inundated with blog after blog of that month’s theme.]


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