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A Month of…30 Day Challenge


Well well well, another month has been and gone, and so has another ‘a month of’ blog theme. So what’s next? Another theme! This time I’ve chosen to include one ‘task’ from my 30 things to do before I’m 30 List; to do something everyday for 30 days. Most 30 day challenges tend to focus on fitness, muscle toning or losing weight, or giving something up, but I’m planning on doing something rather different and a bit more creative…

And for this month and this ’30 day challenge’ I’ve chosen to take a different photo everyday. I’m anticipating this to be much more difficult than you or I may think. To take a different photo everyday. And I’m not a naturally prolific photo taker, I rarely take photos so to firstly remember to take a photo will be the first challenge.

What’s more, I’m not the most naturally artistic person when it comes to taking photos or to sketching, painting, art etc, so this will be an added element on the challenge, to take photos as artistically as I am able.

Why do this challenge? We all tend to lead busy lives, with little time to actually look about us, and I’m hoping this challenge will open my eyes more to the world around me. To force me to stop and take a moment to find something worth taking a photo of.

I will only be using the camera on my phone, as it is something which I always have with me, so the photos won’t be high-spec professional looking photos where I’ve waited for hours for the right light to take my photos – I simply haven’t got time to do that. But enough reasonings and pre-excuses…lets start the challenge!!

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