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Taking the Opportunity to Write

Some writers have to write when they can. I have one full day a week and manage to squeeze in a couple of hours before and after work; but that one full day is also the day for most of my housework and other appointments that need to be taken care of.


But this week, while I am still at work etc, my partner is at a conference all week so I’m home alone. As a result I’m going to use this opportunity to write (or work on my writing as I’m at the very end of the ‘writing’ of the project and at the beginning of the editing process), when normally we’ll be spending time together on an evening. I’m hoping to turn those couple of hours into a good few hours and hopefully be a large step closer to finishing the final first draft so I will be able to concentrate 100% on editing.

Basically what I’m saying is that, as writers, we all have to find the opportunities to write and exploit the hell out of them whenever they arise. And this week, that is just what I intend to do.

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