I’m nearly there

I’ve so very nearly finished the final first draft of my current non-fiction project, just a couple of sections left to finished but I hoping they will be all complete by the end of next week – so I can start the task of editing. Normally I’m not exactly thrilled with the prospect of editing, but I’m actually looking forward to it – I’m looking forward to ironing out my work, line by line and paragraph by paragraph until it’s as polished as I can make it.


All I have to do is tell my writer’s brain to be quiet for a while as it wants even now to start planning for my next novel. My writer’s brain is itching to start writing again and writing fiction again. Not that I haven’t enjoyed writing non-fiction, I love it just as much and I’m planning on writing more non-fiction history in the future. But for now as soon as my task is complete, the next stage is…editing.

2 comments on “I’m nearly there

  1. That feeling when you *just want to* get started on something else… Great post. Good luck with the edit.

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