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I don’t like cookies….

Not the delicious, chewy, often chocolatey variety – those I love.I’m talking about those pesky internet cookies that remember what you’ve been looking at on the internet and advertise those products on different websites.


I’m still not used to it – looking at a different website and saying ‘hey I looked at that hotel/handbag/book/whatever yesterday…’

I’m sure they are useful to some people, but I just don’t like them. i just find it somewhat disturbing and it’s just another example of everything you look at on the internet being recorded, quantified, and assessed.

[I know you can use the incognito tab for chrome but you shouldn’t have to and I also know that you can change your cookie settings and delete them on a regular basis – so I know there is a way around them but I’m still against the principle of them.]

It’s a small irrational dislike maybe – but it’s either something I still haven’t got used to or more likely something I never will.

One comment on “I don’t like cookies….

  1. My “favorite” part of cookies is when I continue to receive ads for something I’ve already purchased! I understand why I get ads for things I’ve viewed, but why do I have to keep being reminded to book the hotel I’ve already booked?

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