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When do you start a new project?


On a writing group on Facebook someone introduced themselves saying that they’re working on 8 (?) novels at once!!

a). I don’t have the time at present to do that, nor

b). do I have the organisational brain space to undertake that many projects at once.

But it got my wondering when other people start new projects?

Do you work on several projects at once? Do you wait until you have completely finished your current project to start another? Or do you start a new project when you’ve finished writing – before the edit begins?

Me? – I tend to wait until I’m at the (almost) final edit of my current project, the final edit of dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s before I start another project when I’ll begin the initial research and planning; and that’s what I’m planning to do. As I’ve previously stated in other blogs I’m at the early stages of editing, but as soon as the initial ‘heavy’ edit is complete, I will probably start researching my next project.

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