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Finding time to network and market (when writing is not your day job)


This is something that I have struggled with – and still struggle with – and have spoken about on several occasions: finding time to network and market.

So how I do it:

Firstly I don’t stress if I haven’t blogged or tweeted for a few days. People will realise that life happens.

But don’t let too much time pass.

Only take on a couple of different media platforms and concentrate on them; choosing which ones you prefer and work best for you.

Try to update them as often as you can – but as I’ve said before don’t stress about it if you miss a day.

Also find what works best for you in updating them – you may find that you have to be strict with yourself and pick dates and times each and every week to network and market; I sometimes find that this works for me but still my life pattern doesn’t always stay the same, so I just tell myself that as long as I update my blog several times a week I’m happy.

Don’t think you have to write pages and pages on your blog – short and sweet can work just as well and perhaps be even more effective.

I think that I’ve pretty happy with my blogging pattern, now that’s settled I just need to concentrate more of my time on my twitter and my Goodreads accounts.

Perhaps that may be a good way for you to start. Concentrate on one form of media first, until you’re happy and comfortable using it. Then add another. And then another. Again until you’re happy.

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