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If book lovers ruled the world…

I saw this and thought it was absolutely brilliant. I’m reblogging it here from Goodreads – “25 Things That Would Happen If Book Lovers Ruled the World”

What would the world look like if book lovers were in charge? We asked you on Facebook andTwitter, and after reading your answers, we’re ready to live in that world today. Check out the top responses—we think you’ll want to live there, too.

If book lovers ruled the world…
1. “Every rainy day would be Stay Home and Read a Book Day.” (A J MacDonald Jr)

2. “We would measure life by chapters, not minutes. Example: I’ll be there after a cup of coffee and two chapters.” (Rebecca Brewster)

3. “There would be a library on every corner…In other words, a library inside every Starbucks.” (Renee Bradshaw)

4. “We would get a free ebook version when buying a hardcover or paperback book.” (Tammy Hennig)

5. “Reality television would be replaced by story hour(s), and the grammar police would be real.” (Team Linda Gray)

6. “Libraries and public schools would be properly funded.” (Darcy Marwick)

7. “Book release days would be national holidays!” (Melissa Fetterman)

8. “You’d get a book, not money, under your pillow from the Tooth Fairy.” (CruzMissile)

9. “Book groups would replace political parties.” (Book Discussion Scheme)

10. “There would be a book hour in addition to a lunch hour at work every day.” (Cindy Bell)

11. “Libraries would never have missing or misplaced volumes.” (Katherine May)

12. “Everyone—no matter their gender, nationality, level of poverty, etc.—would be able to learn to read and have access to reading materials.” (Bobbi Harman)

13. “Tea sales would skyrocket.” (Alena Dolph)

14. “There would be a special lane on walking tracks just for readers.” (Misbah Ahmad)

15. “We’d be too busy reading for wars.” (Amanda Todd Sexton)

16. “Libraries would be open 24 hours a day.” (Chelsea Renee)

17. “There would be more support for English courses and degree programs.” (Grace Exner)

18. “The number of television channels would drop drastically.” (Toufiq Rahman)

19. “Reading would be an actual job! Paid to read!” (Akshay Kumar Bajpai)

20. “A tree would be planted for every book published.” (Becky Engstrom)

21. “We would have a peaceful and quiet world—apart from occasional squeals of delight, horror, long sighs, whimpers, etc.” (Chloe Lewis)

22. “This would be a valid excuse to get the day off: I was up late finishing my book.” (Joshua Dilts)

23. “There would be less ignorance and more tolerance.” (Alicia Aleman)

24. “Hogwarts would be a real school, Middle-earth would be our world history, and everything would be Wonderland nonsense.” (Aja Vinet)

25. “Bookstores would have shopping carts.” (Julia Andersen)

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