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What to read next….


As someone who loves to read and with so many great books out there and more and more fantastic books published each and every year, it’s not always easy to decide what to read next.

I never have a problem with finding something to read, it’s more a case of which one do I read next?!!

There may be no answer to this puzzle, apart from “just pick one”.

I’ve recently started reading “The Count of Monte Cristo” so that’ll take me a while before I need to choose what to read next. I stress need here, because us avid readers can never not have a book on the go! Many of us has several on the go at the same time!

I know that this is not really a real problem; there are much more ‘real’ difficulties in the world – but it’s a real problem for people who love books as much as I do!!

It’s not just me who has this problem right?

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