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“You look like a Librarian!!!!”


The other day I posted a blog on ‘What I do as a Librarian’ and on a separate, related note, I want to add a short after comment. I went to my friend’s wedding the other month and with normal ‘wedding conversations’ what I do for a living came up; “Oh I’m a librarian.”

One response was baffling and somewhat insulting: “You look like a librarian.”

Now, at the time I didn’t see this response as insulting, but the more I thought about it the more irritated I became,

“Why,” I wanted to ask, “Is it because I wear glasses? Is that what you’re stereotypical impression of a librarian is?”

But thinking even more about it, I’m going to take the point of view that, “Yes, I’m a librarian and I look like one because I’m a well-read, polite, knowledgeable, intelligent individual who is smartly and fashionably dressed.”

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